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We Are Here To Help Children With Cancer

   Going Through Treatment, Recovery and Survival.


Please Show This 30 Min. Video To Children With Cancer

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 ​                                 We Are Here To Help Children Going Through

 Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, and Survival.

              Your Donations Go Directly To Verified Parents

                   and Care Givers Of Children With Cancer

                               On A Case By Case Basis.

           Donations Will Help To Provide Food, Clothing,             Transportation, Housing, Pay Bills, Medical Costs,

Funeral Expenses Etc.

   All Of Our Dedicated Missionaries Are UN-Paid Volunteers.

          We Do Not Pay Outside Fund Raising Organizations.

              85% Of Donations Go Directly To The Needs Of

                                  Children With Cancer. 

                      15% Of The Proceeds Pay Our Bills

                                          Such As: 

      Web Sites, Promotions, Baby Boomerang Radio, Costs,                                                 Expenses Etc.

                We Do Not Pay Salaries Or Commissions.


                                                        Miracle Mike is a TERMINAL Cancer Survivor.

Mike is the Producer, Writer, Director and Puppeteer for The Cancer Children Video Show. Mike carries messages of hope, healing, coping, METHODS FOR SURVIVAL, motivation, entertainment and laughter to kids, parents and their care givers. All based on his own Cancer Journey, as told through the PUPPETS. Cancer Children, their Parents and Care Givers will benefit greatly from every segment and episode. 

​Miracle Mike has over 50 years of Radio Broadcasting, Production, Promotions and TV experience.

Mike began performing with puppets and ventriloquism at age 5. 

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"Baby Boomerang Radio" 

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Internet radio


Internet Radio

 ​ Jessica "Can Do Anything Good. Better Than Anyone."

David After the Dentist (feeling anaesthesia :)

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